However, the contrasts at Exp. Specify the folder which includes the maintenance tool driver Pegasus. The normal noise means that overlapped in the AC line or the output line. This feature does not function in copy mode. Poor Scanning Quality Problem Poor scanning quality. Insert the spring A into the hole B in the fusing frame. Copying will not be possible.

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Replace the main motor. If the machine is moved from a cool scanher to a warm place, condensation may form inside the machine. Do not move the mirror base drive pulley shaft.

When the last one is displayed, the latest one will be displayed again. Data abnormali ty When an error value is included in the initial check information. Setting the user programs 1 Hold down the [Light] scnaner until the alarm indicators, blink.

For information on Button Manager settings, see the Button Manager help file. Lower paper tray of 2 x sheet paper feed ar-m160/wr-eb7, 4: Select the original size. Otherwise developer may scatter. These lines must be correctly parallel to each other.

Download and install SHARP SHARP AR-M EB – driver id

Replace the shifter motor. In this case, place the original in the same orientation as the paper. Grasp the locking knob on the guide and slide the guide to the indicator line of the paper to be loaded. Resetting account program No.


Service Manual SHARP AR -M160_M205_M206_M207 SME

Press the tray select key to select the paper feed tray. SHARP will have no responsibility to replace a disk damaged by accident, abuse or misapplication. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser.

There are no anticipated carcinogenic effects from exposure based on animal tests performed using toner. When the adjustment value is too great, the outside area of shading may be scanned, resulting in black streaks on copy paper. The mirror home position sensor status is displayed with the photoconductor cartridge replacement lamp.

The currently set adjustment value is displayed. The location of the margin to be increased can be select to be either at the left edge zr-m160/ar-eb7 the top of the page AR-M only.

When the [Interrupt] key is pressed during the process, the machine goes to the sub code input standby mode.

Be sure to check the 2nd copy.

This driver works on Windows 5. Front Normal size width: Optional equipment and supplies are explained in this chapter. When the adjustment value of the print start position is increased by 1, the resist roller ON timing is delayed and the print image is ar-m160/a-reb7 by 0. Auto shut-off O The conditions are set by the user program.


Lead edge black background width Lb: To change the paper size setting of another tray, repeat steps 2 to 3 after pressing the [START] key. The default is When this simulation is executed, the value of the first cassette is displayed first. Note Affix the paper size label for the paper size selected in step 3 to the label position on the right end of the tray. Normal operation also resumes automatically when a print job is received or scanning is begun from a computer.