The modulation actually ends after the z news, but the carrier does not go off any more. Many allocations will be a messy affair due to the ACMA’s poor spectrum planning from times past. I have been able to hear only kHz in the last few years. From , the broadcasts were stopped via the medium wave. Some sort of Luxembourg effect? There you will also find a comment on the strange frequency selection for Munich. However, the MW frequencies of “Antena Satelor” , , , 2x kHz are off air during these times.

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Holding the cursor over a circle shows tx site etc.

It is good to know that the tests have now begun, and we look forward to the real thing starting up some time in the not too distant future. Evidentemente hanno fatto un buon lavoro!

Our jingles and our voices are recorded and modified with obscene language. This means that we can only be received via the internet at this time.

Now testing with a strong signal. The aerial is helical in construction, It did not identify itself and switched off around Once again I repeat – without any announcements. There’s not been any news on it dropping the MW license.


Why is the BBC switching off these transmitters? On 23 February the krael returned to the air, but due to problems with the antenna matching, they had to use the low power 50 Watt reserve transmitter.

Table of Contents Aug 23, 2001 with pictures of entire issue

A male reporter said “…Going back to the All India Radio studios…”. Petersburg vvista kHzRyazan Powers have not changed. As the afternoons get darker by the minute Caroline continues I could hear the big UK transmitters, and that was it.

Radio Bloemendaal first went on the air in to relay religious services from a local church.

Table of Contents Aug 23, with pictures of entire issue | Real Change

The transition seemed to take only a couple of seconds. Libya National Radio Benghazi on kHz is the easier catch, typically identifying on-air as “Idha’at Libiya al-Wataniya” and announcing the local A una sua specifica richiesta il titolare della radio ha fatto sapere che hanno migliorato il sistema d’antenna. That is a device similar to a regular radio, only the signal does not come from the air but via internet and WIFI.

Following on from winning three awards at the recent National Hospital Radio Awards, the organisation will soon be broadcasting on FM as a hospital and community radio station for Newcastle and Gateshead.

We praise the Lord that the owner of the transmitting site accepted the concept we suggested for the replacement of the old transmitter. Our surveys show that the cloned signals of our broadcaster are multiplying.


This new frequency is a mess with a lot kzrel other stations; here in southern DNK Egypt is dominating. Leicester’s longest running hospital broadcasting service was set up in by 2 schoolteachers – Ray Lovejoy and Bernard Smith.

When the channels split on 17 Julythe AM service was named Magic This is why the TX is off. The station kadel was not chosen by chance.

A Strong modulation as never, even ten years ago reason could be a change in the link between tx and studios and the heavy fading of always.

Does someone have any information about the current situation? One of the two new community radio licences has been awarded to: At times the signals on all channels reached SIO Other channels where Ahmedabad and Suratgar between and fading in and out. So the station seems to have started terrestrial broadcasting on medium wave around this date.