The « expires » parameter of a Contact header field value indicates how long the URI is valid. This behavior is described in Section 8. In this example, Bob decides to answer the call. It MUST be possible to combine the multiple header field rows into one « field-name: Each will make routing decisions, modifying the request before forwarding it to the next element.

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The endpoints receiving the requests will resolve the merge as described in Section 8. The lines that follow are a list of header fields. If the request contains a Max-Forwards header field with a field value greater than zero, the check is passed. Recipients of requests can authenticate the originator of a request in order to ascertain that they are who their From header field claims they are see Section 22 for more on authentication. For dialogs that have been established with an Rosenberg, et.

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For example, if a contact address is returned with the following value: Other potential sources of received Request-URIs include the Contact header fields of requests and responses sent by the UA that establish or refresh dialogs. Add a Content-Length header field if necessary This response establishes a dialog, and therefore follows the procedures of Section Process all responses Section It will always be present when SIP messages are sent over stream-oriented transports.

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Typically, when the user hangs up, it indicates a desire to terminate the attempt to establish a session, and to terminate any sessions already created. Session Initiation Protocol June transaction state that might slow or completely halt call processing in a UAS, effectively creating a denial of service condition; for more information see Section The procedures of Sections 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 deal entirely with the UA core Section 9 describes cancellation, which applies to both UA core and proxy core.


The transaction layer performs its processing and scipt passes the response up to the TU.

Requests establishing a dialog may contain a preloaded Route header field. Note that these may be different roles than the UAs held during the transaction that established the dialog.

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Thus, the branch parameter provided with the Via header field inserted in step 8 MUST be different for each attempt. The dialog facilitates sequencing of messages and proper routing of requests between the user agents.

At this point all the early dialogs that have not transitioned to established dialogs are terminated. The restrictions of the offer-answer model just described only apply to bodies whose Content-Disposition header field value is « session ».

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Sccript rare circumstances, where the server cannot process the request without the extension, the server MAY send a Extension Required response. Le lounge des webmasters pour des discussions en tout genre!

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Contactsah example, if the biloxi. An intermediary entity that acts as both a server and a client for the purpose of making requests on behalf of other clients.

script contactsay

If unauthenticated requests were handled statefully, then malicious floods of unauthenticated requests could create massive amounts of Rosenberg, et. If a stateless UAS receives a retransmission of a request, it regenerates the response and resends it, just as if it were replying to the first instance of the request.


Stateful Proxy Model Rosenberg, et.

In this case, the specific session is the one with the peer UA on the other side of the dialog. However, since CANCEL requests are hop-by-hop and cannot be resubmitted, they cannot be challenged by the server in order to get proper credentials in an Authorization header field. Numerous protocols have been authored conttactsay carry various forms of real-time multimedia session data such as voice, video, or text messages. Note that both the transaction corresponding to the original request and the CANCEL transaction will complete independently.

This request may be forwarded by proxies, eventually arriving at one or more UAS that can potentially accept the invitation.

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Montrer les posts depuis For further information on the From header field, see Section If the client transaction returns a timeout, this is treated as a Request Timeout response.

Précédent 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Sélectionne une page: This includes, of course, the requests which themselves establish a dialog. The second is used to perform loop detection and distinguish loops from spirals.

When Alice’s softphone receives the Ringing response, it passes this information to Alice, perhaps using an audio ringback tone or by displaying a message on Alice’s screen.